All images © 2019-2023 Marc Delforge

After this portfolio you will find another one with photos of the 2020 Cordoba Carnival. To see them please go to the bottom of the page.

The festivities linked to the Cordoba carnival ended on March 1, 2020 on the Plaza de la Corredera with the burning of the God Momo, a kind of local winter man. It was a party between locals, without many tourists. Joy, kindness and carelessness were there. It was a wonderful moment that we will not forget. People let themselves be photographed and sometimes even asked to (the slow photographer’s dream).

Coronavirus was already in the minds, but not as an danger.  We had joined this Plaza by chance, the chance that makes things so good for the slow photographer on the lookout. It was just a fortnight before it was forbidden for all Spaniards to leave their homes.

These photos are a tribute to these caring and happy people, hoping that none of those one-day friends died from this terrible virus.

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